Best SEO Strategies to Rank Your Website on Google

Your website is ready, and you will start a new journey and aim to rank it on Google. You must implement the best SEO strategies to rank your website on Google to fulfill your goal. Those strategies will play a significant role in improving your website’s search engine rank.

Hence, you can build your strong online presence, drive traffic, and build your business’s credibility. There are various best SEO practices to rank your website on Google, but you must begin with the basics.

Afterward, you can try the complicated ones because numerous SEO practices and techniques exist to gain high Google rankings. Some popular amazing search engine optimization strategies are researching keywords, using internal links, and building backlinks to your website.

The following write-up will elaborate on the best SEO strategies to rank your website on Google.

1. Use Keyword Research Tools to Find Suitable Keywords

First, you must find out what you look forward to ranking for. You will undoubtedly want to rank for what your potential customers type for questions or statements in the search box. As a result, you need keyword research tools to find suitable keywords to rank for, as it is one of the best SEO practices.

Below are some things which nearly all keyword research tools display, and you can analyze them to figure out suitable keywords for you:

2. Use Your Main Keyword in The First Paragraph

You already know you must use your primary keyword several times on your page. However, you may need to be made aware that the location of your keyword can also make an impact.

Thus, you need to mention your main or focus keyword right in the first paragraph of your content. Google shows that webpages in top search results display the main keyword at the top of their webpage.

For example, if your main keyword is “SEO services,” use it in your content’s first 20-30 words. Follow one of the best SEO practices to rank among top Google results.

3. Writing Unique Content, Descriptions, and Titles Is Among the Best SEO Strategies to Rank Your Website

Writing unique content is one of the best SEO strategies to rank your website on Google. According to Google, you must avoid duplicate or near-duplicate versions of your content throughout your website.

Therefore, Google applies the rule on each piece of your website’s content, such as Title tags, landing pages, meta description tags, image alt text, Ecommerce product pages, and category pages.

Before publishing the content on your website’s page, make sure it is 100% unique, whether it is the title, description, or anything else.

4. Use Google Search Console to Track Your Performance

If you aren’t using the Google Search Console to track your ranking, you are missing out on one of the effective SEO strategies. The Search Console works like a dashboard telling you about your site’s rank in search engine results.

The performance report of your site tells about the number of people who see and click on your site from Google search. It also tells about the exact keywords individuals use to search your content. The tool also provides a coverage report that tells which pages of your website Google is indexing.

Another important report that Google Search Console provides, and you should check, is enhancements. Mainly, this report demands attention because of “Mobile Usability”. Users utilize mobile to search for nearly everything.

5. Write Long-Form Content About Your Main Keyword

The best SEO strategy to rank your website on Google is to write long-form, detailed content on your main keyword. Apart from your blog posts, you can apply the same technique to your site’s landing pages. You can include FAQs in your landing pages to target various keywords and use your main keyword more.

Long-form content enables you to target a wide range of keywords. Those wide ranges of keywords can be what your target audience can use to search for your main keyword. Moreover, you can cover various topics, and your audience can find all their answers on one page.

Writing long-form content about your main keyword is the key to ranking your content and generating traffic for a long period.

6. Optimizing Your Images Is Among Best SEO Strategies to Rank Your Website

Optimizing your images enables them to rank in Google images. On the other hand, properly-optimized images allow your page to rank high in Google search results. Use images optimized for SEO on your page.

Remember optimizing an image doesn’t require technical skills; instead, just a descriptive name and Alt text. A descriptive filename of your image should tell about your picture. In contrast, the Alt text helps Google understand your image.

For example, you uploaded an image of a chocolate cake on your website. Instead of naming it image899.png, give it the name chocolate cake.

7. Make Your Site User-Friendly With SEO

Making your website user-friendly can help you with your SEO. Google knows when individuals begin Pogo sticking after clicking on your site’s link from the search results. If more people bounce from your site back to search engine results, Google analyzes that people didn’t find the answers to their questions. Later, your search engine rank will become lower.

To improve your site’s user experience (UX), you can get accurate results of Pogo sticking from Google Analytics. UX is one of the best SEO strategies since individuals tell about a user-friendly site to their friends.

Your users will promote your site if they have a good time there.

Great content on your site will only work if users have a good experience there.

8. Get Backlinks to Rank Your Website

It would be best to have backlinks to link your page to another website and rank it among the top search results. Firstly, you must create high-quality content and determine which content formats will perform best to build backlinks.

Though publishing that content format will not automatically lead to links, it will increase the chances of getting them. Ensure your content contains a “hook” to increase curiosity and get links naturally.

Furthermore, you can promote your content on social media platforms to get high-quality backlinks.

9. Use Videos to Target How-To and Tutorial Keywords

Sometimes video content is your chance to rank higher among the search results due to high competition. For example, look at the SERP for “How to edit a YouTube video”. After ads, the videos appear, then People Also Ask, and the organic results appear at the end of the page.

Although, if you make video content on the topic, you can rank higher than an organic result. How-to and tutorial keywords rank high because watching a video takes less time. Also, it shows everything, so it is easier to follow than reading a blog and acting on the enlisted steps.

Use videos to target how-to and tutorial keywords since it is one of the best SEO strategies to rank your website on Google.

10. Using Internal Linking Is Among the Best SEO Strategies to Rank Your Website

Internal linking is one of the best and easy SEO strategies to follow. You only have to add a link on one page of your website from another page. But you shouldn’t add any random internal links.

Use keyword-rich anchor text so that Google can understand your page’s content. For example, the internal link above on our page was about our “SEO services,” and this page also discusses SEO.

Add internal links to your low-authority pages to increase their Google rank. Your older pages always have more authority so that you can utilize them.

Start implementing these best SEO strategies to rank your website on Google today to start getting results. Google values its customers and tends to provide updated, unique, optimized content to serve them well. You can use these strategies to rank high, be a leader in your niche, and get traffic that revisits your site.

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