Why WordPress Is the Best to Design Website
Reasons Why WordPress Is Best To Design Website

You are here because you need to figure out if WordPress is the best to design a website. Don’t panic; you are not alone in this boat. First, we want you to get rid of the misconception that WordPress is a site for blogging since it has much potential.

Over the past few years, various website-building platforms and technologies have arisen. Thus, various options are available for someone like you looking forward to designing their website. Our web design clients ask us to design their websites, and we recommend WordPress; they ask why they should choose it.

WordPress stands out from the crowd of website-building platforms for valid reasons. Its characteristics, like easy to use, 24/7 support, and flexibility, make it the number one choice of non-technical persons like you. Whether you are a blogger, business owner, or someone who wants to build their website, stay with us till the end.

The following write-up will elaborate on reasons why WordPress is the best to design a website.

1. WordPress Is Best to Design Website Since Its Free

You are ready to design your website on WordPress, though you may doubt its credibility. Of course, its core software is free, and anyone can download WordPress, install, and use it. If you own a small business or non-profit organization or have a limited budget, you can choose WordPress.

Although, you will have to pay for website hosting, domain name registration, custom website designs, premium plugins and themes, additional support, and hiring someone to maintain it.

WordPress is the best way to design a website at a low price.

2. WordPress Is Easy to Maintain and Use

WordPress is easy to maintain since it has the “auto-update” feature, so your website always has the latest WordPress version. There’s no need for manual updates, and the risk of security vulnerabilities lessens.

You don’t need to learn technical skills to design your website on WordPress. Its user-friendly dashboard and intuitive interface allow you to easily add pages, posts, and media to your website. Managing your site becomes easy since the editing tools are simple, allowing you to make changes easily with a click.

Other website-building platforms don’t have an impressive layout like WordPress.

3. WordPress Community Is There for You 24/7

The time comes when you feel stuck and need help finding the solution to your problem. But, no need to worry if you choose WordPress for website design earlier. WordPress has uploaded various resources online to help you in the form of videos, tutorials, and forums. Those resources will help you set up and customize your site, solve issues, and learn about their platform.

Yet, if you cannot troubleshoot any problems, the WordPress community is there 24/7. The community is friendly and always ready to answer or assist with your queries. You can visit community forums, Facebook or LinkedIn groups, or other resources to ask for help.

WordPress developers can also help you to resolve the issues.

4. WordPress Is Best to Design Website Since It’s Customizable

Most people make their website on WordPress or start working for clients without having less or no previous knowledge about it. All types of freelancers use WordPress, and not all of them are programmers or web designers.

For non-technical individuals, WordPress is the perfect choice since they can choose from thousands of free website themes. Moreover, the website-building platform ensures themes for every type of website, such as business sites, service provider agencies, blogs, or online stores.

Design your website on WordPress and customize it according to your choice and field by choosing your specific color, changing the background, uploading the logo, and more.

5. WordPress Is Secure

WordPress values your business and important data and takes steps to keep them secure. Though with the help of a few free and amazing security plugins, you can protect your website. Users can only create difficult, complicated passwords since they are difficult to figure out. For the safe side, WordPress automatically creates a backup of your website.

Furthermore, you can enable “two-factor authentication” to make your site more secure. Due to WordPress’s “auto-update” feature, your website runs on the latest WordPress version. It only allows limited login attempts and has security plugins like firewalls, malware scanning, intrusion detection, and audit logs.

WordPress is amazing to design website as it works 24/7 to find security vulnerabilities to resolve them.

6. WordPress Is Responsive to Search Engines and Is SEO-Friendly

WordPress websites appear in search results, improve their visibility and gain organic traffic as they are optimized for all search engines. Individuals behind the creation of WordPress had SEO in mind during its development. You can create permalinks, craft custom titles and descriptions for your pages and post, and add alt tags to photos.

All the built-in features of WordPress will help you improve your site’s rank in search results when individuals type keywords related to your site’s content. You will hire an SEO expert to improve your site’s rank. Most SEO people know to use WordPress instead of other website-building platforms.

Choose WordPress today to save your time optimizing your site for search engines.

7. WordPress Is for Building Every Kind of Site

You can use WordPress to build every kind of website, from your blog to e-commerce or business site. Undoubtedly, several themes, templates, and plugins make it easy for you to customize, increase your site’s functionality and represent your brand.

Initially, WordPress was only for creating blogs, but now you can create your portfolio and an online store and provide consultation or online courses. The website-building platform supports content structures like text, images, video, audio, zip, and pdf files. You can add calendars, forms, and forums and link them with third-party tools like payment gateways or CRM.

Everyone designs their website on WordPress nowadays because it allows them to fulfill their dreams.

8. WordPress Is Everyone’s Choice

We make websites for all our clients on WordPress because of its reliability, security, and flexibility. Most developers or designers can provide advice, guidance, and support regarding WordPress for customizing it according to your brand. You can learn from their experience, which may not be available if you choose another website-building platform.

Nevertheless, WordPress is everyone’s choice, so search engines recognize and prefer it over other platforms. Thus, the search engine will find your site while crawling and indexing it. Your website will rank high and be able to develop its presence and credibility and fulfill your purpose.

When you buy clothes keeping everyone’s choice in mind, then why not for designing your site?

9. WordPress Is Best to Design Website Since It Offers Amazing Plugins and Themes

WordPress understands that not everyone is good at designing and provides various plugins and themes. There is no need to buy premium plugins because the free plugins are also helpful in editing and modifying your site.

We recommend only adding the necessary plugins and removing those you don’t use often. You can always reinstall those plugins when in need. Adding several plugins to your website slows it down, and you may lure your targeted audience. However, the themes WordPress provides are designed and developed by professionals. You can easily install and customize them to give your website a unique and professional look.

The WordPress team releases new plugins and themes keeping in mind their audience.

10. WordPress Is Not Going to Vanish Someday

Website-building platforms come and vanish in thin air after a while. However, WordPress will not vanish someday since it is open-source software. Instead of one person, companies manage open-source software, so their chances to stay are more.

There is no CEO of WordPress who may think of shutting down the company. WordPress Foundation, a non-profit company, manages it and works continuously for its development. Hence, there is a community behind WordPress consisting of developers and users. WordPress is available in more than 50 languages which is beneficial for multilingual.

The WordPress community stays altogether as a family and supports everyone who joins their official Facebook group.

WordPress is the best to design your website since it has a lot in store for you. Whether you are looking forward to starting your blog, business website, online store, selling your courses online, a membership site, or anything like that, WordPress is an amazing option. If you want a good experience and achieve your goals, try WordPress today and give us feedback.

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