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7 Types Of Logos, Number 5 Is My Favorite

Sometimes, while chatting with your friends, you need help remembering a brand’s name. But you remember its logo and describe its appearance, and they understand which brand you are talking about. Therefore, different types of logos exist, and businesses create unique logos to appeal to audiences.

Not only does having a unique logo design allow your business to stand out, but your logo must also tell about your brand. You can hire a logo maker or freelance graphic designer if you are not a good designer.

However, a fantastic logo comes to life after combining font, typography, images, contrasting colors, and more. Yet, you can use these combinations effectively when you clearly know which type of logo you want to make.

Your logo matters because, firstly, your targeted audience will see it. Hence, you must ensure that your logo type gives your brand a different representation. Also, your logo should make a good impression; you must make sure you do justice to it.

In this write-up of Biz design pro, we will elaborate on 7 types of logos, out of which number 5 is our favorite.

1. Wordmarks-One of the Best Types Of Logos

Wordmarks only tell your business name, but it is good if your business has a long name or is a startup. Some examples of wordmark logos of brands are Uber, Subway, and Coca-Cola.

Undoubtedly, wordmarks are best if your business has a unique name. Take the example of Google’s logo, which is a wordmark yet appealing and memorable. But, you should combine your brand name with strong typography if you want a wordmark logo.

Wordmark is among those types of logos in which font selection is crucial to make an impact. So, hire a professional who can choose a font that conveys the soul of your business.

2. Pictorial Marks

You may know pictorial marks as logo symbols or brand marks as graphics-based logos. Whenever you think of pictorial marks, Apple’s logo or the Twitter bird comes to mind. Such logos demonstrate their business; since they already made a name, we can instantly recognize them.

Although this type of logo contains an image, it can be confusing for new businesses or small startups to choose one. Once you choose an image, it will stick with your business forever. Before selecting an image, ask yourself, do you want to trigger an emotion or convey a deeper meaning?

If you want to convey a deep meaning with your pictorial mark, take inspiration from Twitter’s logo, which means they aim to deliver your short messages fast, as birds fly.

3. Emblem Logo- One Of The Best Types Of Logos

Doesn’t the word emblem even appeal to you or give a traditional feel? Well, Emblems exist since powerful monarchs are using them as royal stamps. Thus, such logos contain a typeface having a border around and government organizations or educational institutions use it often.

Emblem logos showcase your business’s professionalism, respect for traditional values, and goal to stick around forever. If you want to give such impressions, design an emblem logo by taking inspiration from Harvard, BMW or Starbucks.

Choose an emblem from logo design types if you can get a detailed design and are sure about it since it is nearly impossible to renew them.

4. Abstract Logo Marks

An abstract logo is a pictorial logo, but it isn’t a clearly recognizable image like apple’s logo. But it’s like abstract art, using colors and forms to represent your business. Some examples of Abstract logo marks are divided Pepsi circle, Spotify logo, or strip-y Adidas flower.

Likewise, all styles of logos and abstract marks do great since they represent your brand with a single image. Your target audience starts seeing that abstract image as your business’s logo. Undoubtedly, creating an abstract logo allows you to represent your brand uniquely.

Choose an abstract logo if you want to tell symbolically about your business without depending on how the culture views that image.

5. Combination Marks- Our Favorite Among Types Of Logos

The name of this logo type speaks for itself-combine both words and images into their logo design. Combination mark logos may include any combination of words and images you choose- your monogram, an abstract image, or a character with your business name.

Thus, your combination logo can convey your brand message for a lifetime. Customers remember the combination logos of brands like Pizza Hut, Toblerone, and Puma and think of these brands after seeing their symbols. Consider a combination mark if you are starting and want to build your brand image.

Make sure your name and symbol work together, keeping your logo design clean and efficiently conveying a message.

6. Letterforms

Letterforms mean only one-letter logos like McDonald’s, Yahoo, or WordPress. Well, you only have one letter to make an impact, so it needs to be well-designed and pretty. Moreover, your letterform must be enough to represent your business’s message clearly.

Your one-letter logo can fit anywhere and look fantastic in customers’ eyes. Furthermore, your one-letter logo will allow people to easily recognize your business and associate that letter with your brand. It is difficult to remember a long and challenging business name, but one letter is easy to remember.

While picking letterform from all types of logos is challenging because if it isn’t memorable, you have no chance. Similarly, the font of your letterform must be easy to read and use contrasting colors for the background and letter.

7. Mascots

Mascot logos include an illustrated character like KFC’s colonel Harland or Planter’s Mr. Peanut. Indeed, mascots look attractive and make your targeted audience believe that someone putting so much effort into the logo wants to make an impact. They believe in the credibility of your business and eventually trust you.

A mascot is an illustrated character representing your brand or acting as its ambassador. Like, KFC’s mascot is the founder and brand ambassador of the fast food business. Prefer a mascot logo over different types of logos if you want to gain the attention of families and children.

But, you cannot use a mascot for marketing, so KFC doesn’t use its illustrated character on its packets and only uses the brand name and slogan.

So, you just read different types of logos, and now is the time to create one for your business. Don’t worry! Biz design pro’s professional team can help you create one.

Please choose the one you are confident about, which gives you the feeling that it will help you achieve your business goals and attract an audience.

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