Features Your Website Should Have
Top 10 Features Your Website Should Have

Your target audience clicks on your website, appearing in the relevant searches, so it’s the first thing they see. Hence, your website should have some significant features to convert visitors into regular customers. You need a high-quality professional website to stand out amongst business owners or service providers.

Nowadays, it is easy to create a website due to available themes and templates. But, your website design should be unique to convince your potential prospects. A unique website design will ensure site visitors that your products or services’ quality is better than others.

Yet, planning a new website design for your business can be challenging. You may sit down and think for hours and list essential points, but eventually, throw them in the bin. Don’t be frustrated; calm down because you only need to include essential content areas and basic functions.

In this Biz design pro write-up, we will elaborate top 10 features your website should have.

1. Features Your Website Should Have Include Your Contact Information And Location

Your target audience will choose your competitor if they have to chase you. So, please don’t allow them to choose your competitor and include your contact information. Include your official phone number on the top of every page, and make it easy for your audience to call you. Make sure your number is functional, and also include an email address.

Apart from your contact information, also include a Google map showcasing your location and its nearby buildings. For local businesses, it is essential to include their location in the “Contact us” or main page of the website. For example, you need an electrician and will search “electrician in Washington DC, Penn Quarter.”

Contact information and location are the features your website should have to grab clients.

2. Your Website Must Be Easy To Use

Nobody has time to scan a website for hours to get information. If the site visitors had a good time on your site, they will stay for a long and visit again. Remember when you opened a website, but it took time to load, and you couldn’t find information quickly? Will you be visiting that website again in the future? According to us, you will never visit that slow website again.

Your website must be easy to use, have separate and essential sections, and should guide the visitors to find out what they are hunting for. To ensure functionality across your site, use visual cues and consistent layouts.

The features of your website should provide searchers with what they are looking for and browsers only looking for information.

3. A Website Must Have A Blog

Content is king because it is essential for social, digital, and online marketing. If you are a business owner who wants to gain organic traffic on their website, instantly start a blog. Write and publish blogs on a topic relevant to your business or your services.

List your blog under your domain (such as www.yourbusiness/titleofblog). Your business’s blog is beneficial for SEO and establishes your business as a professional in your industry. Moreover, you can also share your blogs on social media. As a result, your target audience will know that they can check your site to gain information about a related topic.

Your blog is one of those website features that encourage response because they build the credibility of your business.

4. The website Needs To Be Mobile-Friendly

You mostly search for something on mobile and hate those unfriendly mobile sites. Apart from hating, you aim to avoid visiting that site again. A mobile-friendly site is one of the critical features of a website, which encourage your potential audience to scroll through it.

Not only for mobile, your site must also work well on all devices. Remember the time you recommended your friend a site because it was mobile-friendly? It is a fact that such sites increase your sales and convert site visitors into regular customers.

Individuals will enjoy engaging with your business site on various devices, and it will also improve your SEO rank in search results.

5. Displaying Testimonials And Case Studies Are The Features Your Website Should Have

Your potential customers need proof of why your brand is the best. Displaying customer testimonials on your main website page will strengthen your clients’ trust in your brand. Similarly, your testimonials will also increase the business’s credibility and show your successful record of dealing with customers. You can also create a separate page dedicated to testimonials.

Providing case studies is one of the significant features of a high-quality website. Use a proper format to explain the problem and how your business solved it. Potential prospects prefer seeing proof of your work, and case studies are the best way to explain it.

Both testimonials and case studies are vital in convincing your website visitors to become regular customers.

6. Your Website Should Be Well-Designed And Functional

Your website tells about your business, its products or services, and your brand story. As a result, a professional, visually appealing, and refined website is essential. The quality of pictures and graphics also convey your brand message, apart from the vision or mission statement.

Undoubtedly, a well-designed website holds worth, but its functionality also matters. Test your website regularly to figure out the problems of functionality or speed. The site’s main page and all pages should load in seconds and be functional. Because all site pages together make an impression on your potential customers.

Being well-designed and functional are the features your website should have to catch visitors’ attention.

7. Your Website Should Have Updated Content

Google updates its algorithm regularly and ranks those sites which update their content frequently. Get an insight into the updates from social media and blogs to update your site’s content. Therefore, preserving your high rank in searches is the best way.

Updating your site’s content also include your contact information and gallery. For example, uploading event photos arranged by your brand to gather donations for an orphanage will impress your audience. Also, include photos of functions where your brand received awards for best performance.

Thus, updated content is a must-have website feature.

8. Showcase Clear Call To Action

If your website doesn’t push the visitors to take action, they won’t. What do you wish to achieve with your business website? Are your site visitors well aware of your goal? You can urge your site visitors to share your blogs, follow your business’s social media pages, download free guides or subscribe to your weekly newsletter.

Apart from all this, solve your target audiences’ problems by including a clickable “contact us” or “let’s start” button. If you want your site visitors to download your mobile application, add two buttons, one for Android and another for iPhone users.

Clear calls to action are also website features that encourage immediate response.

9. Add Live Chat

Some lazy individuals spend less time checking each website page to get information about your brand. Add a live chat option on your business website, so customers can instantly get the answers to their questions.

Though, the credit goes to Artificial Intelligence for making it easy for businesses. On the other hand, it becomes easier for online shoppers to ask questions while purchasing a product. Those online shoppers will revisit your site to place an order. Even the live chat can convince them to buy by telling them about the benefits of a product.

So, add a live chat feature to your website to convert your site visitors into regular customers.

10. Features Your Website Should Have Include Social Media Profile Links

Either dedicate a complete page about your social media presence or include that in your contact information. Add your social media profile links so visitors can check them out by clicking them.

Eventually, when your targeted audience opens your social media profiles and sees your posts, they will trust your business’s credibility. They will also follow you to stay updated about your brand’s progress and promotions.

Your website having your social media profile links will ensure your customers that you are here to stay and grow your brand.

The features mentioned above are a must for your business’s website to make it look professional and convince visitors to try you out. Moreover, these website features are essential to growing your brand.

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